Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recession Duck?

I was just watching the news and an expert testifying about the economy used the old saying about a duck:

"If it looks like a recession duck and quacks like a recession duck, then it is a recession."

This strange way to put it made me think. I wonder what a recession duck looks like?

This is a picture from our recent trip to England. During our trip there were huge headlines about the economic crisis in the UK. They had 10% increase in underground and train fares, 10% increases in food prices, and falling home prices. The pound began to slip against the dollar (just late enough not to be helpful to our budget, of course). This was right before the news became so desperate here, although there had been rumblings of it for awhile.

Our last night we stayed at a hotel where these ducks were in the bathroom. I had been taking a series of pictures with a little Shakespeare puppet (more on that soon) and I couldn't resist ending the trip with my little Shakespeare riding these somewhat ugly ducks.

If I needed to define what a recession duck looks like, these would be it.

As far as our economy goes, it certainly sounds bad if you pay attention to the media. I can only hope it will turn around. Until then, perhaps it will encourage us to save more, charge less, and be more cautious--not necessarily bad things, when you think about it.

When the recession comes, it is hard not to want to duck.

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