Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Issues

I am barely a month into running a blog and I've run into a few problems. Today I found I had comments to "moderate" and some of them were a little old. I thought I had it set up to tell me when these came in, but apparently I did not. I apologize to people who were kind enough to comment and then had a delay in having their comment appear. I will have to fix this issue.

I have several posts in the works but none of them suit me just now. I guess I'm having "one of those weeks" for writers. I am writing but I don't like the product. This feeling comes to us all, I suppose, and I usually find it doesn't last long.

Since I don't have anything prepared to post, I will use this moment to do some shameless self advertising.

Please check out the websites run by my husband and myself.

First, please visit It is our home page--where we link all the stuff we are doing. I'm a bit behind on updating photos because the last year of the Ph.D. really took up my time.

Then, if you like children's series books, my husband has which contains info about Edward Stratemeyer and Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins, etc. He is writing several books on these topics. The website hasn't been updated lately, but there is good info there.

If you like Time Travel Books, please see the searchable database my husband put together at He has more books still to add (it is a never ending process) but there are some cool books there.

If you like Disneyland,... well, you are in good company. Here are some links from our sites:
Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland
Disneyland Tickets
Disneyland Magazines

Finally, if you would like to hire me, you can view my online resume (I will be updating it this week, so stay tuned for changes to its appearance).

Thank you. I really appreciate any readers who are out there. Hope you will return when I have a new post. It should be soon.

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