Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Around the World: Finally Complete

Awhile back I wrote about how we were participating in a Jules Verne tribute. The book Around the World in 80 Days was being shipped around the world and trying to make it back to its owner in 80 days. The book made it to our hands on Dec 31, 2008 and we took pictures with it around San Diego before mailing it to its next stop.

Well, it took longer than 80 days, but the book is now back in Portugal where it began.

You can see the whole story at the owner's blog:
JV Blog
(Please note, the blog is in Portuguese but English and French translations follow each section, so scroll down in order to read it)

It was fun following the book on its journey and seeing photos of it with different landmarks. I wish it had made it within its 80 days, but I guess Phileas Fogg was faster.

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